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It all starts here. Without a cohesive digital communication strategy, you risk imprecise, undirected efforts, missed opportunities, and a lack of clear goals to achieve. A strategy sets your vision from the very beginning, and then is turned into things like defined KPIs that you can use to judge your success. Work with ZN and we’ll investigate your current situation and deliver a comprehensive approach, including:

Campaign Strategy

It’s hard to overstate the importance of campaigns in the digital space these days. They allow you to direct targeted, precise efforts for your most important goals: activating communities, engaging policymakers, supporting an event, or more. A campaign strategy effectively functions as a communication strategy but in smaller form, and no campaign should begin before you put a lot of thought into it in the starting stages.

Let us help you define your objectives, KPIs, and figure out the best channel mix, messages, and creative approach to make your campaign a success. We’ve done it with CETA - the EU-Canada trade agreement, we won a global prize for our awareness campaign around the dengue disease, and many more.

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Take your social media to the next level

Among all the changes that digital spaces have brought to the world, social media is probably the most impactful. For affecting the conversation, there’s little comparison: according to a Savanta ComRes research conducted on 183 EU influencers (including 38 MEPs, 50 EU institution staff and 95 Brussels opinionformers), Twitter is among the most influential channels these groups rely on to make informed decisions. For example, all 27 EU Commissioners are on Twitter and 100% of the interviewed MEPs now say they use Twitter daily.

You can’t get by with just assigning an intern to your Twitter, though. A proper social media strategy will assess best channels for your message, the most effective tone of voice and key messages, key targets and audiences to connect with, and much more.

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As perhaps the best platform for politics and policy, Twitter is a frequent choice for associations and similar organisations. Reach out now to let us help you understand best practices and approach. Supported by a strong advertising strategy, your B2G targets cannot escape you here.


Filling the niche for professionals and more longer-form content, LinkedIn should be a consideration for any business, association, or even individuals looking to build their reputation and authority. It is a great platform for advertising directly to your desired audience, especially in the B2B environment.


Instagram had long been thought of as the domain for pictures of food and travel, but it has emerged as a critical platform for engaging with certain audiences. Don’t overlook it even for more ‘traditional’ campaigns or communications efforts.

Many organisations are posting on Instagram, but you need a proper strategy and include an outstanding creative strategy and the right type of assets, videos, Stories, and Reels.

Get the most out of your advertising


Still think of advertising just as selling products? It is that, but has also emerged as a critical component of awareness-raising or policy-focused communication efforts. A strategic boost to your social media content, for example, can be the difference-maker for building a base of support, getting your message noticed by the right people and making sure your point-of-view sinks in.


Like with B2G, B2B advertising and lead generation has its own particularities that must be figured out. The B2B journey is much different than that of an individual consumer (or policymaker). You must carefully define audience types while considering their role as acting on behalf of companies, and then figure out the best ways to reach them. It usually means a combination of efforts including social media advertising, search engine marketing, email campaigns and an optimized website.

Influencers take your efforts to the next level

The use of influencers for your digital communications efforts has exploded in recent years, and it’s no mystery as to why. Audiences connect deeply with their favourite Instagram or YouTube creators, and hundreds of millions get news and views every single day from influencers on Twitter and Facebook. It works the same way for the B2B and B2G environment. Policymakers are much more likely to listen to their influencers, often journalists, than to businesses, so bringing them in, is key.
It’s still a fairly new type of outreach, however, so many are completely lost on how to begin. Don’t fret, however, and let ZN help you create the perfect influencer strategy to accomplish your goals. From influencer mapping to Influencer Days to build relationships and influencer collaborations, we’ll help you take full advantage of this powerful approach. It’s so important that you can also check out our page just on influencers.
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Want to start taking a look yourself? Download our Top 10 steps towards creating a strong digital strategy. Don’t try to communicate online without it.

A Record of Success


ETC - #OpenUpToEurope

We had a ton of fun helping with the #OpenUpToEurope campaign, a collaboration between the European Travel Commission, the European Union and the tourism industry to inform and inspire Europe’s citizens to travel once more as COVID-19 receded. The strategy needed was complicated, with coordination between all of those partners, influencers, and a strong social media campaign to share all regulations around traveling in COVID times and make it appealing.

ERT - #EmbraceDifference

For #EmbraceDifference, we helped the European Round Table for Industry with a cohesive effort of about 50 CEOs of major European companies to create the right environment and conditions for ALL employees to reach their full potential. It involves an Inclusion and Diversity Toolkit, empowering stories, all backed up by a strategy to best amplify the impact of the campaign.


Pfizer EU Policy

For Pfizer, ZN was tasked to position the company’s work in EU Government Affairs in the digital space, creating the strategy and then setting up (and still managing!) their EU Affairs Twitter account. They needed to break through with EU policymakers, journalists, and influencers with messages supporting the value Pfizer (and the medicine industry in general) delivers to Europe’s health and economy, as well as showing support for policies that promote expanded access to medicine, life sciences, innovation and growth. Parts of the strategy included developing a Pfizer EU website, policy kits, visual identity and an entire Twitter presence.

Need help?

Drop us a line, we’d love to discuss how best we can help you accomplish your goals.


How often should you do a digital strategy?

It depends! At the very least, if you’ve never done one, you need to start yesterday. Otherwise, it’s good to refresh every few years, as things change so quickly in the digital space. An entire new platform (say, TikTok) may have emerged and gotten big in recent years that you have been ignoring. You should also strongly consider a digital strategy when embarking on a refresh of your identity, a new campaign, or any other change that need you to ensure lands successfully.

Do I need help to create a digital strategy? Can I do it myself?

Feel free to get started, and check out our top 10 steps to get that done. Make sure to list goals and KPIs. To do it best, however, takes experience and a deep team that is familiar with lots of different tasks. Take research: you can guess for yourself what targets and audiences you should pursue, but there’s a big difference if you do a thorough digital, target, and/or influencer mapping. The added information will make success much more likely.

How much does a digital strategy cost?

Usually, a comprehensive communication or campaign strategy costs 8,900 EUR. Whatever your needs, get in touch with us and we’ll create a customised offer specifically for you.