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Mapping key influencers

Every successful digital strategy or campaign starts with knowledge. To successfully activate, work with, and empower influencers to maximise your content, you’ve got to have a thorough understanding of the digital landscape. An influencer mapping is an essential step to make it happen.

Through the smart application of tools and human expertise, ZN maps out the relevant influencers of given topics. We identify hundreds of targets via their conversations, key relationships, word clouds and more, creating a definitive influencer ranking and mapping them against a matrix of interest and reach. This identifies which influencers you should target in order to make the most of your efforts.

Understand your landscape

Strategy and working with influencers

Once influencers and other key figures are identified, you need a flexible but defined strategy to best work with them. The key word with influencers is collaboration. Content is far more successful if it has the feel of the influencer's usual content, because users are adept at spotting insincerity. Flexibility is key! Let them help you tap into their audiences' preferences, and then reap the rewards.

ZN can support you while working with influencers by creating authentic joint content for things like reels and stories on Instagram, or strong CTAs for Twitter.

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Influencer Days

An Influencer Day is a fantastic way to kick off a new campaign, supercharge an existing one, or get a new group of influencers excited and activated. The event can take different forms, but we typically bring key influencers to a site or a key location in Brussels to explain the campaign or topic, and give them a deeper understanding of the complexities.


  • To create a personal on-site experience and enable influencers to understand the importance of the issue
  • To directly engage the influencers on the important details of the issue, and work with them on how they can help
  • To create content for their audience that can be turned into excellent highlight videos, quotes, and other viral content
  • If the influencer is excited and convinced, this translates through to their followers and the overall success of the content!

Supercharge your campaign

How to become an influencer

Interested in doing it yourself? It’s a brave new world online, and many people are finding that their voice can reach far beyond what they ever imagined. Download the free e-book for our top tips on how to make it happen.

A Record of Success

Discover EU

With the #DiscoverEU campaign, ZN helped the EPP Group engage with Europe’s youngsters, encouraging them to discover what it means to be European. The campaign encouraged travellers young and old to show support for the proposal by sharing how European travel has changed their lives. Thousands responded, significant influencers among them. By the end, the campaign had reached a fifth of young Europeans, with 46 million impressions on Facebook alone.

FEFCO Influencer Days

FEFCO is one of ZN’s long-term clients, and we are pleased and proud to continually elevate their social media to help achieve their goals. Part of this was organising an Influencer Day for them, in which we hosted 11 journalists, bloggers, and online influencers for two days of activities in Brussels.

They visited a packaging plant, the European Parliament, had discussions with an MEP, and got a high-level view of the practicalities of the topic. The result was empowered surrogates with a better understanding of FEFCO’s views and the overall benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging. This led to better and more authentic content in the months afterwards, and a stronger relationship with their influencer network.


ZN was happy to work with the European Travel Commission on a major campaign to highlight and excite people over European travel, focused on travellers coming from China, the US, and Canada. The campaign had many aspects, including extensive research on defining audiences, local topics and trends, and finding micro-influencers and ambassadors. We then developed branding and hashtags, with the goal of micro-influencers being able to use these materials as necessary. Influencers were activated to create an online community and bring the creative concept to life, with extensive work done to ‘co-create’ content that was used by people worldwide. The best parts were shared and showcased on the main campaign channels and landing page.


With an event like #EUInfluencer, influencer mapping is clearly the name of the game! With our unique methodology, ZN maps out the overall top-50 influencers in the Brussels Bubble, and ranks the top influencers in 10 categories, including agriculture, technology, and healthcare. Each year, we create an exciting and engaging event to shine a light on the influencer stars in Brussels and talk about the digital topics that matter to us all – while having fun!

If you want to be heard in the Brussels Bubble, or are interested in the key EU influencers in every industry, look no further than #EUInfluencer.

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Influencers FAQ

Who are the most influential people in the EU?

Of course, the most influential figures don’t get that way through building their audiences up on Twitter or Instagram, but because they’re politicians or famous people, such as Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans, and others.

Beyond people like this, ZN’s #EUInfluencer event is a compilation and celebration of the most powerful movers and shakers in the EU infosphere. Check it out to get the details for a wide variety of topics and sectors.

What are the benefits of an influencer-focused campaign?

Influencers have the power to get to people, fast. First thing in the morning, huge numbers of people look at the social media feeds of their favourite influencers, hoping to learn, to be inspired, to laugh. But the main power of influencers is their authority. Their followers admire them for a reason, and they tend to believe what they say.

Combining your current digital actions with an influencers campaign increases your potential audience significantly, as you get trusted access to all of their followers. Even more importantly, it increases your campaign’s sense of authenticity. Even if you put money into the campaign, content that comes from influencers often feels more 'real' and thus resonates with audiences more.

How can you become more influential on social media?

Like anything else, it’s going to take time. It’s a long process to post regularly and build up your followers, and buying followers isn’t a shortcut (it’s increasingly possible to detect these artificially-inflated numbers).

Don’t fret, however, and take a look at our top tips to become a successful social media influencer.

What kind of budget do you need for an influencer campaign?

This varies extensively depending on the context and scope. ZN can deliver assessments of a variety of parts of your communications, influencers being just one, so the offer will vary depending on these different asks. Likewise, a campaign can be short-term, just focused on one main channel (only Twitter influencers, for example), or it could be a year-long, covering Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn/Facebook, and involve multiple events, sub-parts of the campaign, and more.

A simple influencer mapping could run you about 6,000 euros, while a long-term, multi-faceted campaign could be more like 100,000. Whatever your needs, we’d love to discuss and give you a custom offer that exactly matches your goals and your budget.