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Measuring Success

A strong digital presence all starts with asking the right questions. How can you stand out in the crowd? How are you doing compared to the competition? Are you reaching your audience? Why aren’t more people engaging with your posts? How can you grow your follower base and have more impact with your communication? Is your website accessible and optimised for search? Is it time for a new logo?

The answer is research, research, research, as it forms the foundation of any proper online campaign strategy. Fail on this step, and you risk spending a lot of time and money for bad or unknown results. The good news is: we can help. Our research helps you identify what is going well, and what needs to be improved to engage your audience and reach your goals.

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Social media audit

A social media audit gives you an in-depth analysis of your social media channels. We will analyse content, branding, messaging, engagement, consistency, appropriate use of the channels, and overall performance. We take a deep dive into statistics, using tools including BrandWatch. Based on this detailed analysis, we will recommend concrete ways to improve your social media performance.

A social media audit is a great starting point if you’ve inherited a social media account, decided to re-work one, at the start of an important campaign, or just periodically in order to get a full understanding of your social media landscape.

Whatever the reason, a social media audit will be a detailed look into the analytics of your social media account(s), giving you a data-based picture of the state of your engagement, followers, and much more.

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Website Audit

If you are thinking of updating your website, a website audit is an excellent first step. It highlights what is great about your website and what needs to be changed. We analyse the user interface (UX/UI), traffic, branding, design, content and messaging, accessibility, search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile friendliness. We can also recommend specific actions you can take to make your website (more) sustainable.

We also test your website with 3-4 people from your target audience to get their feedback about the experience.

Their feedback combined with our analysis will be turned into a set of recommendations, and (if you like) also a website design proposal, for you to use for your website refresh.

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Visual Identity Audit

A visual identity audit is a brand check-up. We do it to assess how your visual identity is being expressed across all channels—from your website to your social media, logos and presentation decks to your annual report and policy papers. A visual audit analyses all of your organisation’s design elements. We review colours, fonts, icons, photography, key events, and social media assets.

Is your branding consistent across all channels and outlets? Does your identity still suit the organisation you are today? Does your logo need a refresh?

We look at all visual identity elements: from the website, to the social media channels, Microsoft office templates, style guide, logos, and the look-and-feel of key events.

If our experts believe certain elements should be changed, we will give you concrete proposals and ideas on how to do it.

Our Unique

Lots of data goes into a proper audit. Whatever tool the analysis takes, we've got you covered.

The 11-Step Checklist for

a Successful Social
Media Audit

Feeling lost? A lot goes into a successful audit, but don’t fret, we’ve compiled the essentials into an 11-step checklist to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.

Map out your digital landscape

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Digital mapping

Sometimes you have great tweets but nobody engages with you. It’s not the tweets, it’s not you. It’s the hashtags.

A digital mapping is a first step towards more engagement.

You want to use hashtags that are not too broad and not too narrow.

Our analysts identify keywords and discussions around topics of interest to determine platforms, related keywords and opportunities, as well as the optimal hashtags to use.

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Targeting and Influencer Mapping

You need to identify your targets before you can properly aim your communication at them. Who are your audience, where are they, and who are they listening to? You probably have an “offline” list, but who are your online targets, and who influences them? This is a hugely important list that we use to make the most of organic and paid content.

Through the smart application of tools and human expertise, we map out the relevant influencers of given topics. We identify hundreds of targets via their conversations, key figures, word clouds and more, creating a definitive ranking for the influencers and mapping them accurately against a matrix of interest and reach. This identifies which influencers you should target in order to make the most of your efforts.

How do you compare to the competition?

Digital competitor

Through the smart application of tools and human expertise we map out the digital landscape of your key competitors to analyse the platforms (e.g. social media channels, website, podcasts, events, etc.) they are active on, the target audience they appear to engage with, the formats and hashtags they use in their outreach and the type of conversation/narrative they pursue online to advance or influence specific topics and priorities. Based on this, we provide key take-aways and conclusions to help improve and shape your own digital strategy moving forward.

This includes:

  1. An in-take session to define and discuss priorities and topics
  2. Mapping of 5 competitors for up to 4 topics
  3. Review of active digital platforms and channel mix
  4. Content analysis linked to your priorities and topics
  5. Engagement analysis
  6. A PowerPoint with competitor analysis and recommendations

A Record of Success

Website Audit: EPP Group

ZN assisted the EPP Group, the largest political group in the European Parliament, with revitalising its website. The campaign resulted in improved KPIs including more website visits as well as an increase in traffic and engagement on social media. Before building the new site, we conducted a website audit. Our team reviewed content, design, SEO, user experience and accessibility. We also conducted a qualitative eye/mouse tracking website test among a sample of the target audience. Eye tracking, as used by enterprises such as Google, uses cameras and specialist software to track where the eyes of users land on a webpage. Mouse tracking analytics similarly follows the mouse movements of users, providing usability and engagement insights.

Social Media Audit: FEFCO

FEFCO is one of ZN’s long-term clients, and we are pleased and proud to take care of their social media activation to help achieve their goals. Just recently we completed a major social media audit, which broke down their followers (across various platforms) into different categories, such as industry members, Commission and other EU accounts, MEPs, and journalists. Key followers with high ‘social authority’ (aka a user’s influence and engagement) were identified, which allows for better engagement with these people, and provides insights on how to approach them differently on different platforms.

Social Media Audit: Animal Health Europe

ZN took a comprehensive look into Animal Health Europe’s entire online presence, reviewing graphical elements, wording choice, engagement, consistency, appropriate use of channels and overall performance, and turning these findings into actionable recommendations. We looked at messaging and content, branding and design, engagement and visibility, and even events, getting deep into each category while tying them all together into interlinked assessments that were clear and understandable. This allowed for recommendations that got down to the level of specific wording and hashtag choices, design and graphic elements, and tweeting style, all backed up by data-based insights. These points were then used to create a holistic overview of their digital strategy, allowing for unique strategic recommendations for their overall digital communications campaign.

Target and Influencer Mapping: #EUInfluencer

With an event like #EUInfluencer, an influencer mapping was clearly the name of the game! With our unique methodology, ZN mapped out the overall top-40 influencers in the Brussels Bubble, and also ranked the top influencers in 10 categories, including agriculture, technology, and healthcare. Each year, we create a fun and engaging event to shine a light on the influencer stars in Brussels and talk about the digital topics that matter to us all – but always fun.

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What does a social media audit include? Why do you need one?

A social media audit should get into as many analytics of your social media account(s) as possible, giving you a data-based picture of the state of your engagement, followers, activity (posts per day), and much more. These can then be cross referenced to create actionable insights, such as determining the best time of the day to post content, the most effective visuals and hashtags, and how best to engage with your targeted community and create organic growth.

You may wish to conduct one because you’ve inherited or decided to re-work an account, at the start of an important campaign, or just periodically to get a clear understanding of your social media landscape. A social media audit gives you a picture of how well you’re performing in getting your message to where you want it, and what could be improved.

What is a website audit, and do I need one?

A proper website audit should be a deep dive into search engine optimization (SEO), crawlability (checking that all parts are accessible by search engines), user experience, validation of internal links and organisation, loading speed, content issues, and more.

You need one if you are thinking about moving to a different platform, drastically updating your website, or are unsure if your website is optimized for search and if the content is organised properly. In such cases, it’s great to take a step back to see what is working, and what is not, to determine how best to move forward.

Of course, the other reason to do an audit is just the time elapsed since the last check—because broken or ineffective parts of your website can be a continual drain that is negatively impacting all the other parts of your online presence.

How do I know if I need visual identity audit?

Like the other audits, a branding audit is particularly useful at the start of an important campaign or campaign launch. Branding audits can be a bit fuzzier, though, as they use more subjective inputs like customer, member, and employee surveys. This kind of big-picture, more feeling-based assessment may be the way to go if your organisation or product is starting to feel a little stale. Particularly these days, when COVID-19 repercussions continue to dramatically reshape our online and work spaces, a branding audit can give you a broad view of your image and audience from every angle.

How much do the different types of research cost?

Between 5,000 and 12,000 euros depending on the scope. ZN can deliver specific assessments of individual parts of your communications (for instance, just a social media audit, or just a website audit), so the offer will vary depending on these different tasks. For instance, a social media audit might take less time than a website audit, as it does not involve user testing. The number of social media channels your organisation has will also affect the time frame needed to map out everything, which in turn affects cost. We also do in-depth research pieces that map out user perceptions before and after a certain event - these are much more time-consuming, and have a different price tag. Finally, we can deliver a comprehensive investigation that touches on multiple parts (such as website, social media and branding all together). Whatever components you are interested in, we’d love to have a discussion to create a custom offer that meets your needs.