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So you have to publish
an end of year report

Take it above and beyond with some of these ideas

  1. Visualize your data in a fascinating way
  2. Have our expert writers make the text amazing
  3. Create an infographic to highlight key successes
  4. Turn it into snippets for social media
  5. Create an internal communication campaign
  6. Make it interactive

Whether it’s for your company, association, or department within an organisation, at some point everyone has to communicate their achievements and challenges of the past year, and the priorities for the coming one. This often takes the form of an end-of-year report, and far too many people see this as an annoying task that has to be completed. This mind-set wastes significant opportunity.

Making this report land with a bang is a great way to secure more funding, staff, excite your stakeholders, and set yourself up for a great new year. Have fun with it – we certainly do as we help you with creative solutions that make sure you stand out.

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Also, a good beginning is half the battle. But how do you get the budget to do all the amazing things you are planning, like hybrid events, social media campaigns or a rebrand? How do you show how immensely important digital communication is in this (post-)pandemic world?

Download our top tips for ending the year strong and showing your successes and for securing more budget for the next year. Happy to help!


No matter your goal, it will be memorable in video

The year in review

End of the year communications should be enjoyable and festive (as appropriate), and few things offer such an opportunity as a year in review video. Celebrate your successes and your team, which can be a really fun exercise while also demonstrating value to your organisation and/or stakeholders. ZN can support with creative video ideas and execution, whether it be live action, animation, or a mix of styles.

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Multimedia greeting card

Create something festive and eye-catching that you can share internally and externally for the holiday period. With multimedia these days, the possibilities are endless. For instance, how about an advent calendar-type reveal with company milestones over the years? Or get your team involved—for instance, get in touch with us to see how we could do illustrated caricatures of team members having fun in an animated winterscape.

Holidays greeting video

Cutting-edge interactive multimedia is great, but it’s still hard to beat a classic holiday greeting video. ZN can deliver a full solution for your video greeting, from planning and storyboarding, to the video shoot, to post-production and integration into your webpage or social media. And we’d love to discuss with you how best to get it to those most important, so that it has the best impact possible.

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You can stand out from the crowd

by investing in creativity

Give back with a gift for your members or employees

It never hurts to reward loyalty and good work, and a creative, touching holiday gift is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer in a fun way. ZN is expert at designing and delivering custom gifts tailored to clients, incorporating your logo, materials, industry, and even the very packaging itself.

Share your campaign successes

Whether internally or externally, people often have an issue with showing off their successes. Let us help you do so without being braggy – and it all starts with creativity. Whether it be an internal communication or a series of social media posts, we can deliver a custom solution that’s perfect for the medium and goal:

  • Newsletters
  • Email campaign
  • Landing page/website
  • Presentations

Spread holiday cheer on social media

Messages for holidays and other calendar landmarks are almost expected for any well-run social media account these days, but you shouldn’t let it get routine or boring. Get into the holiday spirit with a creative message and visual! We’ll tie it into your branding, colours, industry, and find other ways to make it relevant and fun.

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If you have any needs or questions, we are more than happy to guide you in the right direction and find the perfect solution.