The Synergist

Project Information


The Synergist is a nonprofit organization that helps social causes have a greater impact by putting them on top of the agenda. Since 2013, ZN has partnered with the Synergist on two initiatives: Break Dengue and the Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative.

Break Dengue

Break Dengue is an initiative that was created in August 2013 to combat dengue fever, a global neglected disease that affects some of the most marginalized populations and can now also be found in some of the wealthiest countries in the world.

To have a positive impact, bring about change, and break down silos, ZN is using digital media strategies to target and connect patients, doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, R&D, non-governmental organizations, and associations at the global and local levels.

The most recent Red Card to Dengue campaign was tied to the 2014 World Cup. The primary goal of this campaign was to get people to give the red card to dengue on social media (Facebook or Twitter) as well as on the ground to show unity against this rapidly spreading disease. By the end of the campaign, over 11,500 red cards had been given. In total, Break Dengue generated 1,075,930 impressions during the campaign.

The red card itself also had another purpose, to provide easy tips to protect one’s self against the disease as well as to promote existing dengue initiatives.

To increase awareness about the campaign, we created a 20-second animated Red Card to Dengue video published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. By the end of the campaign, the video had been seen by 87,035 people.









The Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative

The Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative is an independent, nonprofit organization that aims to raise awareness and help address the information vacuum concerning the use of medicines and medical treatment in pregnancy.

ZN has been working with the initiative to help build and demonstrate widespread grassroots support for its cause and bring greater attention to the issue of taking medications while pregnant. Recently, we collaborated with them to create the Dark to Light campaign. The goal of the campaign is to attract engagement around key themes – social norms and attitudes to medicine – with the aim of collecting stories and gathering cultural data. In building this campaign, ZN began by defining a clear strategic objective in cooperation with The Synergist.

Print Material


The campaign has a strong focus on visual storytelling, through videos and images, including a short documentary featuring a woman who battled breast cancer while pregnant. A campaign landing page was designed and built to act as a central hub to bring all the assets and information together in one place, and a feedback loop using key performance indicators was established to ensure the best performance possible. The campaign has been supported by other informative and visual materials, including flyers that can be distributed in hospitals and clinics, and visuals shareable on social media.

In the first four weeks of the campaign, there have been over 13,600 visits to the landing page, 689 people answered the poll, and audiences have spent over 20 hours watching video content. Regular tracking of key performance indicators and adjustments to the outreach tactics have let us save the client over €1,000 in advertising spending so far.