FEFCO (the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) represents the interests of the corrugated packaging industry across Europe. The corrugated industry is a sizable one, employing over 100,000 people in Europe and producing 50 billion m² corrugated board each year. That’s enough to cover a country the size of Denmark! Did you know that 75% of all goods produced in Europe are packaged in highly protective and sustainable cardboard packaging?

Project Information


Branding update

One of the major projects ZN undertook on behalf of FEFCO was a branding overhaul, which included redoing every major part of FEFCO’s visual identity. From the start, we wanted to reflect in the logo the circularity of cardboard, as this is one of the key topics and priorities for the client. To achieve this, we used the infinity sign to represent the letters “C” and “O” and added fluting to make reference to cardboard.

Fefco logo rebranding

Color Palette

Fefco color palette


Fefco typography

Fefco typography

Creative Concept

The branding overhaul also included a strategic update to FEFCO’s overall creative campaign, the red thread concept that animates all of its communications activities. ZN drew upon its team of creatives and experts in packaging, sustainability, and EU policy to develop the new concept.

The most recent iteration of the flagship campaign is #DeliverOn, which focuses a lens on the countless ways cardboard plays a positive role in European society, from protecting e-commerce, responsibly managing forests, and promoting recycling to reducing food waste. As part of the 2022 #DeliverOn campaign, we designed and created hero visuals with the help of a cardboard artist and refreshed FEFCO’s design cues and look and feel.

Fefco deliver'on

Fefco creative concept

The Making of the Visuals

Fefco visuals

Fefco visuals

Social Media

For the last decade, ZN has played a leading role in developing and disseminating FEFCO’s online and offline communication, especially on their social media channels which now have thousands of followers thanks to our strategies. We oversee all production for FEFCO’s social media messaging, as well as community management. We also produce dozens of digital assets per year—both animated and static—that deliver key messages in an engaging way.

Website Banners

Fefco web banners

Recycling vs. Reuse for Packaging

One of the most pressing issues for FEFCO today is the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. Over the last year, ZN and FEFCO have been collaborating closely to ensure that the sustainability of cardboard and its immense value as a packaging solution is reflected in new European regulation. One prong of this work has been a highly engaged social media effort using an older iteration of the hero campaign, #CircularByNature, another ZN creative concept. In recent months, ZN has produced significant content—both copy and assets—that lobbies key stakeholders to consider FEFCO’s perspective. The second prong is a 2.5-minute 3D video, which lays out FEFCO’s arguments about the PPWR and shows the great value of cardboard for the environment and the European economy. ZN created the script of the video in its entirety and oversaw the development process from start to finish.

Fefco recycling

Fefco Linkedin

Climate Neutrality Roadmap

Another major effort ZN undertook for FEFCO is the Climate Neutrality Roadmap, a document that lays out the corrugated sector’s pathways to climate neutrality. We played a key role in disseminating the roadmap and its key findings through a custom-designed “Overview of Results” document, social media assets, and online posts and articles.

Fefco book