The Tire Industry Project

The Tire Industry Project (TIP)—currently comprised of 10 leading tire companies and a part of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development—is the primary global forum for the tire industry on sustainability issues. Formed in 2005, TIP serves as a global, voluntary, CEO-led initiative, representing approximately 65 percent of the world’s tire manufacturing capacity. Its aim is to proactively identify and address the potential human health and environmental impacts associated with the life cycle impacts of tires to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Project Information


  • Justus Hofer | Project coordinator
  • Elena Nicolescu | Account manager
  • Jesus Azogue | Senior Creative Director
  • Antonin de Bellefroid | Art Director
  • Daniel Bartual | Social content manager
  • Makana Eyre | Copywriter
  • EnEfecto3D | 3D Animation
  • Nicolas Olivier | Video editor and footage shooting


A leading digital campaign

For the Tire Industry Project, ZN had a challenge: with the aim of putting TIP firmly on the map, how could we translate highly technical information into ideas that a broad audience could digest and understand? And furthermore, how could we reach this broader audience with our messages? The answers we came to are deeply entwined. Keep reading to learn about our unique campaign approach.

Our campaign concept and method

To translate the key messages, we chose several points of impact—a campaign video, a campaign website, and broad social media activation. All these hubs were based on the message house we developed and the driving force behind all the communications, our hashtag: #ScienceDriven. For the website—which functioned as a hub for all relevant documents and information—, we developed a creative scrolling or constant successive animation that literally “drives” a user through key parts of the technical research that was interpreted into manageable and logical information. We used those same bits of understandable messages and applied them to striking visual assets and 3D animations, the former used for a broad social media campaign, the latter for our hero video.

Campaign website

Explore ZN’s innovative and TIP-related “drive” website concept, which keeps visitors engaged while also delivering them key information.

TIP Wireframe

Campaign video

Watch our campaign hero video, which includes 3D animation to set TIP apart from the crowds and keep the eyes of the public peeled on what they have to say.

Social media activation

Social media activation is one of the things ZN does best. We conceived of this approach twenty years ago, before social media became mainstream and pioneered the technique when the platforms we now know well debuted. For TIP, we took the same bedrock of scientific knowledge and translated it into bite-sized bits of information. Alongside each post, we designed striking assets that complement the copy and directed people to our central hub—the campaign website. Of course, we also made use of the best car and tire-related images to make the posts stand out. Finally, we used targeted boosting and advertising to amplify our messages to the right people—policymakers, influencers, scientists, and people working in the environmental community.

TIP Infographic

TIP Social media