TEDx ULB 2020

Project Information


We have been a partner for TEDxBrussels and TEDxULB since 2009. For #TEDxULB 2019 we created a visual identity to fit its powerful narrative: The Hummingbird Effect. It is a tale about a small bird that saves a forest or how each one of us can change the world.

We created an all-round exciting visual identity for TEDxULB. We played with colours and graphical elements to create a distinctive style befitting the originality of this event. To attract visitors we designed shareable social media assets, banners and a landing page.

In terms of branding materials we created posters, flyers and roll-ups and various on-stage elements.

For TEDxULB we created an exciting logo with an inverted “i” representing the misfit theme. We based the branding on pop and punk culture with bright, contrasting colours. It shows the power of being different.

In line with our branding, we created shareable assets for social media, posters, speaker announcements, flyers, a websites and much more, all in the same striking design.