Spirits Europe

SpiritsEUROPE acts as the European representative body for producers of spirit drinks with a membership comprising of 31 national associations representing the industry in 24 countries as well as a group of 10 leading spirits producing companies. Distilled spirits are as diverse as the EU itself, spanning 46 product categories and including a host of geographically-specific products that contribute to the culture of their regions.

Project Information


  • Vincent Vanzeveren | Account Director
  • Luiza Fundatureanu | Account Manager
  • Marisa Veloso | Project Coordinator
  • Jesus Azogue | Senior Creative Director
  • Antonin de Bellefroid | Art Director
  • Gaëlle Delattre | Offline Production Manager
  • Daniel Bartual | Social content manager
  • Kristin Stachl | Design intern
  • Wherever you travel across Europe, there’s a different spirit in every place you visit. And whether you sample one of the hundreds of geographically-specific products on site at a distillery or enjoy a glass in a bar, restaurant or at home, you’ll be discovering a spirit of tradition, a spirit of growth and a spirit of sustainability. The first distillery to open a visitor centre for tourists was Glenfiddich in 1969. Fifty years on, spirit tourism is a fast developing trend, serving up unforgettable opportunities to savor the incredible diversity of spirit-making and the passion of the people behind it.
  • The #SpiritOfEurope campaign aims to make people discover the incredible diversity, versatility and dynamics behind spirit-making in Europe​. Tradition, growth and sustainability being at the heart of #SpiritOfEurope.
    • Tradition: Spirits tourism lets you discover how master distillers rely on centuries-old recipes and techniques to mix and blend their distinctive products, maintaining the perfection achieved by the craft of previous generations while also exploring innovative ways to create a never-ceasing flow of new, exciting products.
    • Growth: Spirits tourism is revitalising rural communities, as they come together to promote their region as a destination where visitors from all over the world can enjoy the richness of Europe’s cultural heritage.
    • Sustainability: Spirits producers are putting sustainability into practice offering people a drink from empty bottles – by reusing them as glasses – or letting them drive with what they don’t drink – by recycling residues into renewables.

A spirits tourism campaign – The Spirits of Europe

Creative Concept

We interpreted the many different styles of spirits into a dynamic and colorful mosaic, integrating patterns and images in a youthful and lively graphical style. The contemporary color combinations and a subtlety expressive font combination added to the recognizability of the campaign.

Spirits Europe

Responsive Campaign Landing Page

We designed and developed a fully responsive campaign landing page highlighting the main focus areas of the campaign (Growth, Tradition, Sustainability) as well as integrating interactive maps and engagement from key stakeholders.

Spirits Europe

Social Media Support

We created social media covers as well as different types of creative static and animated assets to bring to life the visual identity.

Spirits Europe

Print production

Spirits Europe

Creative Giveaway

As demonstrated above we designed a original origami giveaway where we thought further than the classic flyer – this origami enclosed the printed coasters and unfolded revealing visuals and the key messages of the campaign.

Spirits Europe