FEFCO is the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers defending the interests of the corrugated packaging industry across Europe. The corrugated packaging industry is a sizable one, employing over 90.000 people in Europe and producing 43.4 billion m² corrugated board each year, which is enough to cover a country the size of Denmark. Did you know that 75% of all goods produced in Europe are packaged in highly protective and highly sustainable corrugated board?

Project Information


  • Vincent Vanzeveren | Account Director
  • Jesus Azogue | Senior Creative Director
  • Luiza Fundatureanu | Account Manager
  • Marisa Veloso | Project Coordinator
  • Antonin de Bellefroid | Art Director
  • Gaëlle Delattre | Offline Production Manager
  • Daniel Bartual | Social Content Manager

In 2016, the communication campaign focused on comparing the benefits of corrugated trays for fresh produce with reusable plastic trays. As well as keeping fruit and vegetables safe, corrugated board has a great hygiene record. Scientific research proves that corrugated reduces the risk of microbiological contamination compared with reusable plastic crates – extending shelf-life by up to three days.

ZN handles FEFCO’s on- and offline communication towards the industry, the retail and supply chain stakeholders and towards the National Associations of Corrugated Board. ZN also takes care of FEFCO’s social media activation and websites updates. #corrugated.