#EUinfluencer is a yearly event about the power of social media in the Brussels Bubble. It connects communicators, policymakers, and social media influencers who share insights, tips, and tactics and discuss the opportunities of digital.

Project Information


  • Philip Weiss  | Event host
  • Liora Kern | Hypermoderator and event lead
  • Marisa Veloso | Project Coordinator
  • Antonin de Bellefroid | Art Director
  • Gaëlle Delattre | Offline Production Manager
  • Daniel Bartual | Social content manager
  • Ayoub Ziani | Designer

In September 2019, #EUinfluencer took place for the third time. Organised together with EURACTIV, the ZN social media team created a fun and engaging event. This time, in addition to mapping out the top-40 influencers in the Brussels Bubble, we also ranked the top influencers in 10 categories, including agriculture, technology, and healthcare.


Two main pillars of the #EUinfluencer event are social media and the influencers. For this reason, we created the event logo as a combination of a hashtag, representing digital, with inside it an icon of a human depicting the influencer.

The overall creative approach is focused on creating the digital connection in celebratory spirit. Bright elements, abstract shapes as well as the introduction of social media icons make strengthen the digital concept. The colour palette is directly connected to the colour of the logo, with ZN’s purple added as an overlay.

EUInfluencer2019 Website

With 150 people in the room, and thousands engaging online, it seemed like everyone wanted to be an #EUinfluencer that night…

The event started with influencers debating hot topics. Is Twitter in the EU toxic for women? And why are there not more women on the list? Jon Worth asked if all the men in the audience would refuse to sit on an all-male panel (or “manel”)


If it is not on social, it doesn’t exist. Right? That’s why we have a team of experts who bring our and your events from the room to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We engage the audience with questions and polls to make sure the event hashtag is widely used, and we get traction. This is why not only #EUinfluencer but most of the events we cover, trend on Twitter.

We create social media assets for an exciting countdown, before the big day, as well as during the event. Our team does this by sharing live updates during and after the event, quoting the speakers, revealing the category winners and publishing exciting moments. These social media assets are produced to ensure online engagement amongst attendees and spark a lively conversation.


Who doesn’t love emoji? We designed a fabulous emoji wall to function as a backdrop for pictures (so much better than the standard event pictures!) and to get everyone tweeting about #EUinfluencer with their favourite emoji. Of course our guests could take their favourite emoji home, to make sure they would remember ZN.