The European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO) is a non-profit organisation with the goal to facilitate and provide an effective framework for communication and co-operation between the European Specialist Nurses Organisations and its constituent members. Through collaboration with stakeholder organisations and utilising advanced science, ESNO contributes to effective co-operation between health professionals, organisations, institutes and agencies by implementing long term strategies and policies to cohesively advance professional development and health projects in Europe.

Project Information


  • Luiza Fundatureanu | Account manager
  • Jeff Antunes | Project coordinator
  • Jesus Azogue | Senior Creative Director
  • Gaëlle Delattre | Offline Production Manager
  • Antonin de Bellefroid | Art Director
  • Daniel Bartual | Social Content manager
  • Zoé Hoet | Graphic designer

Information and communication Guide on Microbes

This guide reminds us of the health threat that antimicrobial resistance poses to humanity and underlines the high importance of the work of nurses who are in constant contact with patients, citizens, but also with other healthcare professionals. In order to be continuously informed and updated on the cycles of microbes, antibiotics, vaccines, AMR, infection prevention and control, this manual’s goal is to support them in taking better action and communicating with patients and their families.

ZN Consulting worked on the visual identity, implemented the hero visual, took care of the layout and designed the entire communication guide in the same look-and-feel, both for online and offline use.

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