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With the #DiscoverEU campaign, ZN helped the EPP Group engage with Europe’s youngsters, encouraging them to discover what it means to be European. We worked hand-in-hand with EPP Group leader Manfred Weber to move his proposal for offering every young European reaching 18 a free rail pass from a policy initiative to a youth campaign.  Our campaign used #DiscoverEU to encourage travellers young and old to show support for the proposal by sharing how European travel had changed their lives. Thousands responded. The campaign generated 2.7 million views in its first three months and nearly 80 million impressions overall.

The campaign’s #discoverEUchallenge competition gave young Europeans a chance to win two Interrail tickets and vlog around Europe. Thousands jumped on board: More than a thousand youngsters shared their photos and stories, with more than 160 thousand voting on the entries while millions watched. By the time the winners had completed their travels and vlogs, the campaign had reached a fifth of young Europeans with 46 million impressions on Facebook alone.

The #DiscoverEU journey continues. Its next destination? Helping the EPP Group at a national and pan-European level to increase youth engagement in the 2019 European Parliament elections.

Key Messages:

The EU is not just about politics; it’s about people too. Discover what it means to be European. Believe in Europe. Make Europe yours.

epp interrail

epp interrail

epp interrail


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