EPP Helsinki 2018

In 2018, the EPP held its annual conference in Helsinki, Finland.

We at ZN were hired to create the entire visual identity and design concept for the event, along with managing certain elements of the on-the-ground activities.

Project Information


  • Luiza Fundatureanu - Account Manager
  • Mario Alves - Project Manager
  • Jesus Azogue - Senior Creative Director
  • Antonin de Bellefroid - Art Director

EPP Concept
EPP Logos

For our work on the visual identity and design concept, we crafted an innovative logo that was animated and dynamic rather than static. We also created brand guidelines for assets such as posters, business cards, printing 3D files, flyers, and much more.

EPP Extra Icons
EPP Invitation

Of course, the conference needed a website, so we built one, using our dynamic graphics that can be seen here. The website led to building a customised app, which helped attendees navigate the conference, participate, and much more.

EPP Website
EPP Colour Palette
EPP Mobile App

When it came to on-the-ground management, our teams facilitated audio-visual content for a screen 90 meters wide and gave advice on stage setup. We also managed the Twitter wall, and on-site production.