Education International

Project Information


Education International first approached ZN to map the digital landscape and gather intelligence around the issue of free and public education, particularly pertaining to the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) – “Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.”


We found out that each of the audiences they were trying to reach were interested in different things: parents focused on the quality of schools, teachers wanted to get tools that could help them do their jobs better, and governments wanted to improve the system with a reasonable amount of financial investment. Knowing this, we were able to move on to the campaign phase and create a unique identity for them – Unite for Quality Education. To complement the new name and enhance the identity, we also came up with several logos, one of which is now the official logo of the campaign. Once there was a solid identity and strategy, we created, a hub/portal for all the campaign activities around the world.

The hub provides updates via blog posts, shows what’s happening in various areas through a map, and provides information on upcoming events.