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A unique digital process to get your message through to the right people at the right time

Standing out on social media is incredibly difficult, with every organisation competing for attention. The world has rapidly changed, and adapting and advancing a digital and social media presence to better connect with growing digital audiences is more important than ever.

ZN were pioneers in digital communication, as we’ve been doing it since 1998. Let us help you make your message heard with a targeted, high-impact digital campaign. We create powerful and effective content to increase engagement, manage channels and content, train teams, promote agile advertising that is perfect for reaching the right audiences, and more, all to give you the digital presence you need in today’s world.

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Top ways to use digital EU advocacy campaigns

Nowadays standing out in the crowd is ever more important, particularly in the EU. But how do you break through the noise? Check out this complete guide on the most important tips and techniques to make an EU splash.

Who can benefit?


ZN’s association clients include some of the most important, such as FEFCO, ETC, FEFAC, DIGITALEUROPE, Spirits of Europe, ESNO, BSEF, and EPRA.

We develop digital strategies, creative identities and social media campaigns for dozens of associations, from big to smaller, many of which award-winning. As it is sometimes difficult for associations to get face or Zoom time with their target audience, a strategic advertising campaign can be a great way to reach them.

We can also work with you on how best work with members for organic outreach, or do an internal social media kick-off session to help stakeholders be more capable with the tools. And doing them online means no cost of traveling to join, and further value added for members.

A European Agency - A global team


As an agency the quality of our work and the loyalty and appreciatioon of our clients is paramount. Our consistent success at a variety of award ceremonies in Brussels and beyond shows external recognition of our work. From best social media campaigns and best websites, to best association campaign, best conference and best loobbying and advocacy campaign, the ZN team always reaches for the stars and to bring the #DigitalAdvanatage in an age where social media is becoming more and more important.

Award-winning social media campaigns

Policy-changing: #DiscoverEU

With the #DiscoverEU campaign, ZN helped the EPP Group engage with Europe’s youth, encouraging them to discover what it means to be European. We worked hand-in-hand with EPP Group leader Manfred Weber to move his proposal for offering every young European reaching 18, a free rail pass from a policy initiative to a youth campaign. Our campaign used #DiscoverEU to encourage travellers young and old to show support for the proposal by sharing how European travel had changed their lives. Thousands responded. The campaign generated 2.7 million views in its first three months and nearly 80 million impressions overall. It also became a policy and budget reality, in effect the new Erasmus.

EU/UN: #WithHer

The European Union and United Nations project #WithHer is a digital engagement campaign designed to raise awareness of the Spotlight Initiative and challenge the harmful gender norms and stereotypes which perpetuate violence against women and girls worldwide. ZN launched the campaign by organising an invite-only, high-visibility event at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts. This was a big success, and we used resources from this event (combined with other inputs) to develop campaign videos and online materials. The content we developed for the #WithHer campaign included static and animated social media assets, as well as videos in line with the branding that brought coherence and unity to the campaign.

Pfizer EU policy

Pfizer’s EU Government Affairs Team engage with EU policy-makers and other stakeholders for the benefit of patients and innovation. We were tasked by Pfizer to position its work in EU Government Affairs both in the digital space and through policy print materials. The campaign targeted EU policy-makers, journalists, and influencers with messages supporting the value Pfizer (and the industry in general) delivers to Europe’s health and economy, as well as showing support for policies that promote expanded access to medicines, life sciences, innovation and growth.

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Digital Campaign FAQ

What length of time is good to run a campaign?

In addition to a strong ongoing narrative, it is good to run shorter ad campaigns targeting your audience. We suggest an intensive campaign duration of 1 – 2 months, which is a good period to see concrete results. Of course, the ideal time depends on your exact goals and budget.

How long does a campaign take to put together?

For our ongoing clients, or if you have the necessary elements in place, such as a target list, message house, a brand book and the creative concept, we can be very fast and only need a few weeks to build a powerful campaign. If we need to come up with everything from scratch, we obviously need to allow for more time. It is best if we discuss this with you so we understand your time frame and can find the best possible solution that matches the (policy) agenda.

What makes a campaign a success?

It’s very possible to go deeper than this, but some key notes to keep in mind for success:

  • An influencer mapping - so we can target them on social
  • Clearly established goals and KPIs - so we can drive towards and measure success
  • A strong creative – that makes you stand out
  • An advertising strategy – to make sure your fantastic content reaches the right audience

Do we need a landing page, or a position paper? What other supporting materials would make a difference?

From the social media campaign, we like to encourage the audience to read more about your objectives and what you stand for. We do that on your website, or a landing page. On this page, the “hub” of information, we encourage the stakeholders to consume as much information as possible about the subject. To that effect, we can create infographics, design policy papers and develop videos, which we will publish on social media and bring together on this page. Depending on the importance of the subject, we can also help you organize a virtual or hybrid event with influential speakers around the topic.

About how much would running a campaign cost?

Depending on complexity, scale and scope, a comprehensive offer can range from 10,000 for a simple campaign, to 200,000 for a complex scenario including advertising, event(s) and everything in between. We’d be happy to have a chat and create a tailor-made offer for your specific goals.