Senior Account Manager & Strategic Advisor

Marsela Ivanova, Senior Account Manager & Strategic Advisor, has a distinction in BA International Relations from the University of Leeds in England. Her passion for current affairs motivated her to go on an Erasmus exchange in the heart of the European Union, where she deepened her knowledge about politics and explored the fields of digital communication and organisation in an international context. Marsela believes that through bringing different perspectives together and by communicating effectively we can build a better and more prosperous world, united in diversity. Her strong interest in communication and all things digital inspired her to work for ZN, where she is planning and coordinating our clients’ projects. Prior to ZN she was involved with various dynamic student organisations. She was an Event Manager for ESN, the biggest student association in Europe. At Enactus, which is a global non-profit and community, she worked as a Project Manager. Marsela is also a travel addict and makes one hell of a coffee.