What are the ZN #OneStepAhead challenges?

At ZN we want to make sure our team and our clients constantly stay #OneStepAhead and keep up with the rapidly changing digital world. We do that with a unique philosophy called Hyperthinking and we also keep up with new trends and developments as you can see in our #FridayLive updates.

However, in some cases we are required to take a leap into unknown territory and create new paths to discover truly innovative solutions to supposedly unsolvable problems. In that spirit we encourage our team and collaborators to take up a personal challenge and share it with us using the hashtag #OneStepAhead

Meet Mira, the #OneStepAhead cyclist

I’m Mira from Germany, Strategic Consultant, Editor and Trainer at ZN. A few years ago I have moved from a traditional office job to becoming a digital nomad, which allows me to work remotely from pretty much anywhere with an internet connection. It has enabled me to find a better work-life balance gives me a lot of space for inspiration, learning and creativity.

I enjoy spending a few days of quality time with the ZN team in the Brussels office every now and then, I facilitate trainings and workshops across Europe and work for the rest of my time from coworking spaces in the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Remote working has become a trend and many so-called ’digital nomads’ cruise around the globe non-stop. One week in Bali, one week in Goa, then a weekend surfing in Lisbon before heading towards a beach somewhere in Costa Rica.

That’s a bit too much CO2 spent for my taste. I’m environmentally conscious and need to have a very good reason to step into an airplane – I prefer a night train or a car share by far if I have the option.

This summer I’ve decided to take my digital work model #OneStepAhead and cycle from Spain to Germany while working remotely. I have over 1500km ahead of me and the idea is to cycle in the mornings and to work remotely in the afternoons.

Check Mira’s travelling route

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