Carlos Chaves, Digital Consultant

Carlos Chaves, Digital Consultant, is a keen KPI analyst focusing on insights that help optimize the performance of various projects and campaigns. Before joining ZN, he founded OnTouch, an award-winning company specializing in out-of-home advertising audience analysis and measurement. Carlos has eight years of experience in the industry, which has put to the test his master’s degree in Advertising as well as his background in economics and creative literature. He has worked with marketing and communication departments across the EU, such as McCann-Erickson and SC Johnson. Chocolate makes Carlos happy and it gives him a fantastic excuse to do more outdoor sports.

My latest insights

Behind the scenes: making the Hyperthinking MOOC

The Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) movement is revolutionizing how we learn. I was lucky enough to be involved in a number of MOOCs and to see how thousands of people, from different parts of the world, were organizing themselves in groups to come up with brilliant ideas. The Stanford Venture Lab or Coursera, are […]

Getting to Know You: The Shifting Concept of Privacy

The recent revelations (and consequent outrage) around the “news” that the U.S National Security Agency (NSA) has been gathering intelligence on our use of electronic communications has brought the whole concept of “privacy” into sharp relief. In the age of ubiquitous, “always on” connection, is there truly still such a thing as privacy? Does our […]

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