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We are all looking for the same things: job security, career growth and learning opportunities, good pay, flexibility, work-life balance, and people you can get along with.

But did you ever think that you’d find all that in Brussels?

Sure, we get about 200 days of rain each year, but that doesn’t stop us from getting our hands on the best frites, chocolates, and beers in the world… all while having a great job in a truly unique company.

We are eager to see where you would best fit in, be it account and project management, production and design, or strategic consulting and editorial.

Open positions

Marketing & communications professionals (freelance)

You like your communications fresh and spiced up with strategy. Whether it’s B2C, B2B or B2G, you like to get your hands dirty. You are a visionary who is able to juggle with practical challenges and thinks about user experience. You’re passionate about all things digital and you’re up to date with what’s hot.We are…

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Social media engagement consultants (freelance)

Do you think Facebook and Twitter go well with your breakfast cereals. You’re that social media wizard that is always the first to tell friends about new and exciting trends. You know how and who to listen to. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Facebook, you know how to get the party started.Sounds familiar?…

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Advertising professionals (freelance)

Clumsy ads can’t hide under your scrutinizing gaze and you’re on good terms with Google Display. You know how to reach audiences, even if they’re not down with the digital. Keywords were your best friends before it became cool to have them around.If this reads as your personal horoscope, than you might want to join…

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Digital researchers (freelance)

Do you find yourself looking into content and keywords, thinking how it could be improved? You are a fearless data detective who chases raw data until it coughs up the evidence you are looking for. You have a soft spot for Google Analytics but don’t want it to jeopardize your love affair with Excel.If you’re…

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