ZN’s Hyperthinking social media workshops give you the #DigitalAdvantage

You have a Twitter account but are not sure what to post or where to find the time. You have a LinkedIn profile but your intro text is in the third person. You see your target audience using social media but have no idea how to get them to engage with you. You manage the Twitter account for your organization but your colleagues still don’t understand the importance of social media.

ZN’s tailor-made social media workshops are the answer. They will help you and your colleagues understand the importance of social media in the Brussels context and provide tips and tricks to enable you to use the tools more effectively.

We look at attendees profiles before the training and adjust the level accordingly. We can focus on a specific platform or address your overall strategy and touch upon different channels. We follow up with participants after the training if you like us to.

After the workshop, you will see a great increase in proper usage of the tools.

Meps on Twitter
From the 751 MEPs, 611 have a Twitter account, which is 81%

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