ZeN session – Think Big!

A few weeks ago the ZN team gathered for two beautifully sunny days at a cottage in the east of Belgium for our annual ZeN session.

With the right balance between work and fun, we participated in team-building exercises, discussed ZN challenges and opportunities ahead; and celebrate another successful year of growth. In one seminar we learned how to enter our comfort zone by “breathing through the heart”. We also discovered who in the team had innate engineering skills during the bridge building challenge. (Two teams had to create a bridge out of string, paper and wooden skewers that could suspended several coffees cups.)

In the evening, ZN’s resident Belgians hosted a quintessential Belgian barbecue with delicious Belgian fries and regional beers. They also organised activities such as darts, kickers (table football) and, later that evening, a quiz solely on Belgian history and culture around a campfire.

Some of us also had a refreshing midnight swim while others got to know their colleagues a little better. I would never ever have imagined that… well, what happens in the ZeN session stays in the ZeN session.

As a video is worth a thousand words, here is a small summary of what happened that day.

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