What you don’t know about the power of networks

There’s a reason why humans don’t thrive in isolation. We are social beings and we seem to fare better with others and in groups. While there’s nothing new about networks and how it helps us in our day-to-day interactions – from work to recreation – what has changed is the way we can create, build, and interact with others.

This is exactly what we’ll be exploring with Bert Marievoet (@bertm), Country Lead at Twitter Belgium, and our very own Phil Weiss (@pweiss) during our Power of Networks event. And yes, there will be networking and free-flowing drinks.

So come and join us at the ZN office at 4:30PM on 4 February 2016 to hear Bert’s thoughts on digital networks and Phil’s experiences on how TED created a global brand by using the power of digital networks, online videos, and sharing their brand through TEDx. (Those who can’t make it can always see the action on periscope.)

And just in case you didn’t know, here’s a small fun fact:

ZN actually stands for “Zeitgeist” (spirit of the time) and “Network.” And we firmly believe in the power of networks – human, digital, beyond – and its power to help innovate, change, break boundaries and create new ones.

We look forward to seeing you on the 4th!

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