Turning your reports into social media gold

It’s taken weeks, months in some cases, and finally it’s complete. Your annual report, replete with achievements and commitments is ready for public consumption.

But which public? Surely not just those people who have good reason to plough through the entire report. Many others could be interested in some of those facts and figures you worked so hard to put together. But how do you get the relevant parts to the right readers?

Well, first of all you have to map out who you’re trying to reach. These may be influencers in your sector or an audience engaged in conversations about topics that affect your business.

Then you have to break down the most important messages in your report into bite-sized chunks of fascinating information. You will be targeting different audiences. You need to think through how to reach them and how you should talk to them.

Turning leaden information into digital gold

And then you turn these chunks into digital assets and copy for tweets or Facebook posts. There are so many ways of treating your material: from static images to present your organization or signal its ambitions, through GIFs adding animation to your message, to infographics that explain clearly what you have achieved in a particular area.

You can also use short videos of people whose activities are presented in the report or pictures of people with a pithy quote – not necessarily your CEO or other hierarchy figures, but people from lower down in the organization or even outside it, such as partners, suppliers and customers.

Once your posts have gone out, we check how your audience is responding to them, so we can repeat the successful ones. All of these messages and assets need to point to an appealing landing page, which offers more information and, of course, where your report can be downloaded.

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