The impact of great online event coverage: our experience at TEDxBrussels

Another successful edition of TEDxBrussels has come and gone. This year’s event, dubbed Ex Nihilo, brought together over 1,500 people at the BOZAR.

Being one of the co-founders of TEDxBrussels, ZN helped bring this extraordinary event to life. This year, we were at the helm of social media coverage.

Here are some interesting facts about the online coverage during the day:

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How we did it

The jump in numbers online doesn’t happen by coincidence. Social media coverage like this requires a solid structure and pre-planned framework.

Our social media team included:

  • Social media photographers who updated Instagram and Flickr in real time.
  • Facebook contributors who updated the page at the end of each session.
  • Connectors who, during breaks at the event, personally connected with the audience to encourage networking.


At the venue, thanks to social media partnerships with Getyoo,, Accenture, and Microsoft Europe, we had “Check-in” booths with pre-set tweets and Facebook status updates to help the audience share the news. A Twitter wall was also set-up to show the online activity via #TEDxBrusselsWiFi, sponsored by Belgacom, was another very important factor in ensuring the event’s social success. Connecting that many people at the same time is not an easy task.

However, it was the TEDxBrussels audience that had the biggest effect. Many swarmed the social sphere with their tweets and updates, ranging from insightful to quirky. Without their interaction and eagerness to share and connect online, TEDxBrussels wouldn’t have been as big of a success or as rewarding!



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