TEDxBrussels sold out? TEDxify your office!

On 14 March, The Brussels Brewery will host the 2016 edition of TEDxBrussels. This year, the topic is the “Deeper Future” and the program features a range of talks from 17 different speakers on subjects from digital security and online privacy to urban landscapes and beer projects.

You might not be able to attend and follow everything on that day, so TEDxBrussels and ZN have teamed up to create “TEDxify” so you, your colleagues or classmates can experience TEDxBrussels 2016 from afar. How can you participate? Just follow the simple steps in this infographic (created by ZN) and bookmark the livestream:

TEDxify Instructions

As supporters of TEDx, ZN will be at TEDxBrussels supporting all social media activities. We’ll be sure to pass on the best insights from the different speakers and share highlights of the event and other fun stories happening on the day.

To warm up for this year’s event, why not check out ZN’s all-time favorite TED talks?

Be sure to follow us at the event via all your favorite social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and join in the conversation!

Catch you all on Monday 14 March!

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