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Explore The Territory & The Map @ TEDxBrussels with us!

There seems to be absolutely no shortage of guides, manuals, and maps to help businesses identify their mission, navigate in a known territory, and reach their final goal. But even when you put all that theory into practice in the real world, the digital territory can be tricky to navigate. And that’s where acting smartly[…]

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ZeN session: growing a smart and healthy company

In a smooth and trustful tone of voice someone says: “So, how do you feel about this?” We’ve listened and repeated this question quite a few times during the past several days. Why? Because when we learn something, we want to apply it quickly… and asking someone how he/she feels fits perfectly with the coaching[…]

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Dealing with growth at the office…

Andy Rooney once said that “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” At ZN, we’re looking forward to going on that journey and enjoying all the adventures and surprises along the way.

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Winning the Shorty Awards: Dengue won’t be a neglected disease for long

This morning I had woken up to fantastic news – ZN won the Shorty Industry Award for Best Use of Social Media for Healthcare with our work on Break Dengue.Held every year, the Shortys is like the Oscars of social media – it honors the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders who are behind the[…]

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Behind the scenes: making the Hyperthinking MOOC

The Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) movement is revolutionizing how we learn. I was lucky enough to be involved in a number of MOOCs and to see how thousands of people, from different parts of the world, were organizing themselves in groups to come up with brilliant ideas. The Stanford Venture Lab or Coursera, are[…]

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The impact of great online event coverage: our experience at TEDxBrussels

Another successful edition of TEDxBrussels has come and gone. This year’s event, dubbed Ex Nihilo, brought together over 1,500 people at the BOZAR.Being one of the co-founders of TEDxBrussels, ZN helped bring this extraordinary event to life. This year, we were at the helm of social media coverage.Here are some interesting facts about the online[…]

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ZeN session – Think Big!

A few weeks ago the ZN team gathered for two beautifully sunny days at a cottage in the east of Belgium for our annual ZeN session.With the right balance between work and fun, we participated in team-building exercises, discussed ZN challenges and opportunities ahead; and celebrate another successful year of growth. In one seminar we[…]

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My ZN Journey

For the past few months, we were delighted to have Chloe de Hoffman join our team as an intern and we are grateful for all her hard work. In the article below, she shares her experience working at ZN. As she prepares to finish her studies and enter the working environment, we wish her all the[…]

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Welcoming Thanh to our team!

The accounts team keeps growing and we couldn’t be happier! In January, Thanh-Nhan Mai Trung joined the ZN team. Born in Belgium but with Vietnamese and Chinese origins, we’ve jokingly called Thanh a “Fasian”. Currently in her “baking period”, the entire ZN team has been feasting on the pastries she’s brought for us to try.[…]

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Meet Danielle, our new editor!

After braving the cold winter and relocating her family from the Philippines, my colleague, Danielle Miller, has hurdled through her first month as ZN’s editor. Over the last few years, Danielle has lived and worked on three continents. She is now happy to give her nomadic shoes a break and welcome the melting pot that[…]

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A day in the life of… Jerick (ZN Project Manager)

Disclaimer: Jerick was not harmed in the making of this interview nor given firm instructions to say nice things 🙂My colleague, Jerick Parrone is from the Philippines, he works as a project manager and has been at ZN for the past three years.  He graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of the[…]

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ZN knows how to have fun!

…and we are doing it in style!April 1 is April Fools Day! And to keep up with the tradition, we decided to divert from our usual eCommunications-related blog posts to show you “ZN’s other side”.  Life in ZN wouldn’t be complete without spending some time for fun! So here’s a short video from one of[…]

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