ZeN session – Think Big!

A few weeks ago the ZN team gathered for two beautifully sunny days at a cottage in the east of Belgium for our annual ZeN session.With the right balance between work and fun, we participated in team-building exercises, discussed ZN challenges and opportunities ahead; and celebrate another successful year of growth. In one seminar we[…]

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Campaigns that stimulate dialogue and creativity

The Millennials or Gen Y play a big role in this age of online communication and everyone (from global corporations to local shops) is vying for their attention. Being tech-savvy and having an array of motivations, companies who are targeting this audience need to make sure that their campaigns are cleverly crafted and speak their[…]

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My ZN Journey

For the past few months, we were delighted to have Chloe de Hoffman join our team as an intern and we are grateful for all her hard work. In the article below, she shares her experience working at ZN. As she prepares to finish her studies and enter the working environment, we wish her all the[…]

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Getting creative with recruitment

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with SCA, a global hygiene and forest products company, to launch Life Inspiring Careers. With a goal of increasing recruitment for their sites across the globe, Life Inspiring Careers brings to the forefront careers that have real meaning, employees who are continuously challenged and enjoy what they[…]

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Welcoming Thanh to our team!

The accounts team keeps growing and we couldn’t be happier! In January, Thanh-Nhan Mai Trung joined the ZN team. Born in Belgium but with Vietnamese and Chinese origins, we’ve jokingly called Thanh a “Fasian”. Currently in her “baking period”, the entire ZN team has been feasting on the pastries she’s brought for us to try.[…]

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Say “Hi!” to Luc, new account manager at ZN

Belgium is certainly where Luc Chomé feels at home. He was born in Rwanda and has lived in many places during his adult life – the USA, Bosnia, Ivory Coast and Ireland. His varied professional career – in a humanitarian agency (Handicap International), the localization industry, university administration, and project management for digital businesses –[…]

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The importance of online research for an effective digital strategy

One of the main concerns of our clients is how to create and maintain an efficient communication strategy. And for this, we at ZN understand that before anything else, it is critical to know the online landscape you are in.There are some questions that you need to ask yourself when starting a new online communication[…]

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Jesús and the e-Tree story

Jesús Azogue, our Creative Director here at ZN, is one of those truly creative types that you rarely get to meet. Dynamic in nature, he juggles his daily work, his job as Master’s teacher in Madrid, and his own exhibitions and projects. Nourished by these experiences, his mind is continuously filled with new ideas. To[…]

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My Kickstarter Project

As a creative web designer at ZN, I engage in projects with a very wide range of clients. In fact, in the production department, we literally are on board with every project that comes through these doors. But not only do I fill my days designing, I have now been putting in extracurricular hours on a[…]

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Full steam ahead!

As always, the ZN’s team of Hyperthinkers have been hard at work. Their heads becoming so hot with ideas that it would blind an infrared camera and boil the kettle from a distance. Here’s a look at some of the things they’ve been up to:Animal Testing Perspectives – Animal testing is a controversial issue and[…]

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Meet Danielle, our new editor!

After braving the cold winter and relocating her family from the Philippines, my colleague, Danielle Miller, has hurdled through her first month as ZN’s editor. Over the last few years, Danielle has lived and worked on three continents. She is now happy to give her nomadic shoes a break and welcome the melting pot that[…]

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