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5 Digital Trends in Healthcare

When was the last time you checked a medical book or paper when looking for information about an illness? Unless you own a library, Google is probably your best friend when it comes to health related questions. According to Pew Research Survey, 72% of Internet users say they search for health information online.Digital has changed[…]

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A day in the life of a digital reporter

Get up, have breakfast, tweet. Brush teeth, tweet, coffee, tweet. By the time I get to my desk in the morning, I’ve usually scanned through my emails, checked Twitter twice, scoured the news and approved a few blog comments. (This morning I asked one of the kids if they have “brushed their tweet” – maybe[…]

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The Great Big Data Seduction

In the Information Age, the quest for knowledge and understanding of the world has been greatly elevated by the ability to exploit the exponential growth and falling costs of computational power. Welcome to big data – generated from our digital footprints as we negotiate our way through early 21st century life.Recent developments in cloud and[…]

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