TEDx Brussels

Will the disruption ever end?

Answering this question even a few weeks after TEDxBrusselsChange is easy.No. It will not.Europe is teeming with ideas and innovative solutions. There is a pervasive spirit that constantly pushes for new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, and new ways of making an impact. The video below will give you a feel of these things[…]

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Influencing change in a social world

If I told you that with one mouse click you could impact change, would you believe me? Chances are you wouldn’t.But Julie Dixon, Deputy Director of Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, would have you believe that you could. Watch the full live stream video from TEDxChange 2013.At the core of Julie’s talk at TEDxChange[…]

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Wrapping up REMIXit… winners announced!

REMIXit offered a unique experience that enabled TEDx-sters to build on the inspiring talks they saw at TEDxBrussels and share them with the community for great prizes. TEDxBrussels is pleased to announce that, after careful deliberation, the juries have finally delivered their verdicts! You can find the list of winners in the website of REMIXit.euThank[…]

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The Big Bang Event

This year, 2 000+ TEDx-sters descended on Bozar and 20 000+ tuned-in online for another great edition of TEDxBrussels.  Just like the theme, it kicked off with a BANG!  Steve Wozniak gave the opening speech, Scala and the Kolacny Brothers graced us with their angelic voices, and, one after the other, amazing speakers shared unexpected[…]

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TEDxBrussels’ REMIXit! – Contest ends Friday Nov 23!

If you’ve been to TEDxBrussels before, you will know how electrifying the atmosphere is, filled with energy, inspiration and creativity.  The only problem, you don’t have an outlet for all these ideas that fill your imagination as the speakers impart their knowledge.To address this issue, the social media team came up with a pilot idea[…]

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Here’s our paraorchestra. Where’s yours?

 When the glory and bliss of your dreams are being manifested into your reality it almost feels unbelievable, doesn’t it? It is the case for Charles Hazlewood and his British Paraorchestra.Many of us , in fact hundreds of millions of people around the world watched the closing ceremony of the Paralympics2012 in London earlier this[…]

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BANG BANG! TEDxBrussels is happening again this year.

TEDxBrussels 2012 – Monday, November 12th 2012 at Bozar 9AM – 7PMThis year, the theme of TEDxBrussels is Bits, Atoms, Neurons and Genes (or BANG BANG as we’re calling it). BANG BANG represents the combination between an evolving mesh of ideas and practices, and a rich mixture of citizens, scientists and culture. The annual event covers[…]

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Should I stay or should I go?

Before leaving for the mass migration that takes place every summer in Brussels, Place Flagey (the up and coming new creative hub of Brussels and incidentally where the ZN offices are located) was the scene of something unexpected. The European Commission organised an event to celebrate its educational exchange programme called Marie-Curie.In a rather inspired[…]

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ZN your agent of change

and the story continues…At ZN, we want to participate as individuals and as a company in this digital revolution.  We want to drive change and share our experience. It is part of our DNA.  We want to help you or your company to make the most of these changes, not only as evangelist but also[…]

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