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5 Digital Trends in Healthcare

When was the last time you checked a medical book or paper when looking for information about an illness? Unless you own a library, Google is probably your best friend when it comes to health related questions. According to Pew Research Survey, 72% of Internet users say they search for health information online.Digital has changed[…]

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3 useful tools for social media management

Managing several social media channels at the same time can be complicated, even daunting sometimes. Indeed, manually switching from account to account, monitoring all conversations and adapting your messages to the different channels takes time that you don’t necessarily have. The good news is that there are some pretty cool tools that can help you[…]

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Increasing organizational efficiency at work

The 21st century is marked by the so-called enterprise social networks that help employees to engage, connect, share, and collaborate with their coworkers in a productive, timely, exciting, and efficient way. We are still on the early stages of these collaborative tools but they are already transforming the nature of our work. “An enterprise social[…]

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Getting to Know You: The Shifting Concept of Privacy

The recent revelations (and consequent outrage) around the “news” that the U.S National Security Agency (NSA) has been gathering intelligence on our use of electronic communications has brought the whole concept of “privacy” into sharp relief. In the age of ubiquitous, “always on” connection, is there truly still such a thing as privacy? Does our[…]

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Which path to choose when it comes to mobile strategy?

There is no question about it; every business needs a mobile strategy (read our previous posts on strategically building responsive websites and developing content for those on the go). But when it comes to development, all of them face the question: which one? Is it better to follow the trend and rebuild the site in[…]

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