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Mobile marketing: the new frontier?

If you were an aging toothpaste brand, what would you do to rejuvenate yourself, stimulate smiles, and get on the customers’ good side? Of course there are billboards, or online ads, but Zhongua, a 60-year-old Chinese toothpaste brand, turned to the mobile phone – and more specifically, the selfie. The images for the “one hundred[…]

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Wearable technologies: much more than a fashion statement

Mobile devices and cloud computing are changing the way we interact with others and how we deal with everyday tasks. Our real lives are merging with our digital lives – or is it the other way round?Wearable technologies are driving this process even further. Interactive glasses, watches or digital bracelets are already a reality, becoming[…]

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Smelly App: smart devices providing sensory experiences

Today we talk, text, record videos, take pictures, and even edit them all on our smart devices. But what’s next? A new era of multi-sensory digital communications!Professor Adrian Cheok and his team at the “Pervasive Computing” department of City University London is certain that the next big thing will involve smell, taste, and touch.Used with[…]

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Which path to choose when it comes to mobile strategy?

There is no question about it; every business needs a mobile strategy (read our previous posts on strategically building responsive websites and developing content for those on the go). But when it comes to development, all of them face the question: which one? Is it better to follow the trend and rebuild the site in[…]

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Interactive campaigns that go beyond 2D

We’ve been talking about augmented reality quite a bit around the office and playing around with innovative tools and technologies to establish an interactive presence for one of our clients in a big European fair. To achieve this, we are working on interactive virtual hostesses, augmented reality points of information, and an interactive animation that[…]

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