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A day in the life of a digital reporter

Get up, have breakfast, tweet. Brush teeth, tweet, coffee, tweet. By the time I get to my desk in the morning, I’ve usually scanned through my emails, checked Twitter twice, scoured the news and approved a few blog comments. (This morning I asked one of the kids if they have “brushed their tweet” – maybe[…]

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Could Google+ be the next big thing for brands?

When launched, users didn’t greet Google+ with high expectations and optimistic predictions of the future. However it has grown to become the second biggest social network in just three years.Though it’s not likely that it will dethrone Facebook anytime soon, more brands are starting to use Google+ pages to reach out to their audiences. While[…]

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The great synthesizer: Jean Michel Jarre on artists’ rights

Nobody could accuse Jean Michel Jarre of being a luddite. After all the pioneer of electronic music, widely regarded as the father of trance, owes his career to technological advances.For more on Jean Michel Jarre and copyright law, find the five cunningly hidden tags above.However, when he took over from Robin Gibb as president of[…]

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Command control on your communications campaign

How do you manage and monitor your all up social presence on the web? Are you struggling to keep up with real time conversations and content flow across platforms?At ZN we’ve been working with Campaign Commander (formally known as Objective Marketer). It’s a content management and statistics gathering tool. We use it on a daily[…]

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