Advergames: The controversy of being effective

Associating play to children’s drawers filled with LEGO and action figures can be accurate, but also limited. Play has expanded its definition to permeate office spaces, HR interviews, university classrooms, and even advertising. Gamification can be applied to our daily routine, turning mundane tasks into games. It can also turn a company message into an[…]

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Jaw dropping storytelling

I don’t like stories. I absolutely adore, love, live for, desire, go mad for, cherish, and yearn for them. So when I come across really amazing ways people tell ‘em, I can’t help but dive into the world they’ve created.I’ve selected a few of my favorites and implore you to look at them. Mouse over[…]

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5 Digital Trends in Healthcare

When was the last time you checked a medical book or paper when looking for information about an illness? Unless you own a library, Google is probably your best friend when it comes to health related questions. According to Pew Research Survey, 72% of Internet users say they search for health information online.Digital has changed[…]

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Why (and how) all companies should be telling stories

We do it all day and all night. We can’t even imagine life – not even a single day – without it because we’ve been at it since we came into existence. As human beings we think in narratives, we are all storytellers: we love telling and listening to stories, transporting ourselves into another world.This[…]

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A day in the life of a digital reporter

Get up, have breakfast, tweet. Brush teeth, tweet, coffee, tweet. By the time I get to my desk in the morning, I’ve usually scanned through my emails, checked Twitter twice, scoured the news and approved a few blog comments. (This morning I asked one of the kids if they have “brushed their tweet” – maybe[…]

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Could Google+ be the next big thing for brands?

When launched, users didn’t greet Google+ with high expectations and optimistic predictions of the future. However it has grown to become the second biggest social network in just three years.Though it’s not likely that it will dethrone Facebook anytime soon, more brands are starting to use Google+ pages to reach out to their audiences. While[…]

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Engaging content? Humor wins!

With the rise of social media, more and more people are trying to understand the logic behind engaging content. Contently researched how and what we share on social media and Kelsey Libert from Fractl has looked into the science behind viral content.According to her research, viral content has certain characteristics that are common to all[…]

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What’s in a meme?

Richard Dawkins first coined the word meme in a footnote to 1976’s The Selfish Gene. He suggested the idea as a way of understanding ideas according to evolutionary principles.Dawkins identified three elements that make a meme successful.– Longevity – how long does a meme last– Fecundity – how many copies of itself does it generate–[…]

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The Tipping Point – Using stories to spread ideas

The term “tipping point” has been in circulation since the 1950s. In the study of economics, physics, sociology, or climate change, it means the point at which slow steady change becomes irreversible. The classic graph of the tipping point measures the addition of hypothetical straws onto the back of a hypothetical camel.A look at Google[…]

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Smelly App: smart devices providing sensory experiences

Today we talk, text, record videos, take pictures, and even edit them all on our smart devices. But what’s next? A new era of multi-sensory digital communications!Professor Adrian Cheok and his team at the “Pervasive Computing” department of City University London is certain that the next big thing will involve smell, taste, and touch.Used with[…]

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The Changing Face(s) of Social Media

Facebook is 10 years old this month and Twitter will celebrate its eighth birthday in March. Given the degree to which social media has permeated our collective existence over the last decade the lines between communication online and “IRL” – in real life – are becoming ever more blurred.  The frequency and intensity with which[…]

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New Year, New Focus: make online content king

This year will certainly be another one marked by technological and innovative developments that will continue to shape our everyday lives and aid us in working better. While the economy is still recovering, companies such as Maersk Line, the European Environmental Agency, American Express, Unilever, and GE have successfully embraced new media technologies and used[…]

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