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Crucial things I learned as a blogger for an online initiative

Seven countries, six months, and a number of planes, trains, and automobiles (or whatever passes for a vehicle), that was my life as a blogger/collaborator of an online initiative called Break Dengue.Break Dengue is an online platform that aims to connect patients, doctors, researchers, and all people involved in the dengue issue – striving to[…]

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The sales funnel is still relevant

The sales funnel has been around for a long time – apparently, since 1898. It is one of those models marketers use on a regular basis to plan and present their strategy for the year. (Admit it, you have a slide with it for 2015. And if you haven’t used it before, give it a[…]

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A day in the life of a digital reporter

Get up, have breakfast, tweet. Brush teeth, tweet, coffee, tweet. By the time I get to my desk in the morning, I’ve usually scanned through my emails, checked Twitter twice, scoured the news and approved a few blog comments. (This morning I asked one of the kids if they have “brushed their tweet” – maybe[…]

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How to meet deadlines and not die trying

You probably think that today is the worst day on earth to work on your project. The reasons can be many: you don’t feel good, you need to attend a meeting at your son’s school, you can’t reach the person that was supposed to give you an interview or you aren’t inspired at all. BUT[…]

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3 useful tools for social media management

Managing several social media channels at the same time can be complicated, even daunting sometimes. Indeed, manually switching from account to account, monitoring all conversations and adapting your messages to the different channels takes time that you don’t necessarily have. The good news is that there are some pretty cool tools that can help you[…]

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The great synthesizer: Jean Michel Jarre on artists’ rights

Nobody could accuse Jean Michel Jarre of being a luddite. After all the pioneer of electronic music, widely regarded as the father of trance, owes his career to technological advances.For more on Jean Michel Jarre and copyright law, find the five cunningly hidden tags above.However, when he took over from Robin Gibb as president of[…]

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The undeniable power of partnerships and trust

In trying to distill the essentials of what makes a successful project/campaign/partnership, I feel that good practice might include some reflection on the degree to which a piece of work can be said to be a true measure of collaboration and exchange… between the client and the agency, that is. A collaboration that fosters a[…]

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I dare you to be real

When it comes to storytelling for your audience, I bet there’s only one point to your message; communicating success, followed by a bit more success and rounded off with a huge dollop of success.While everyone is embracing digital communications with the desire to connect more with their audience, how can we really connect and build[…]

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