Crucial things I learned as a blogger for an online initiative

Seven countries, six months, and a number of planes, trains, and automobiles (or whatever passes for a vehicle), that was my life as a blogger/collaborator of an online initiative called Break Dengue.Break Dengue is an online platform that aims to connect patients, doctors, researchers, and all people involved in the dengue issue – striving to[…]

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ZeN session: growing a smart and healthy company

In a smooth and trustful tone of voice someone says: “So, how do you feel about this?” We’ve listened and repeated this question quite a few times during the past several days. Why? Because when we learn something, we want to apply it quickly… and asking someone how he/she feels fits perfectly with the coaching[…]

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Dealing with growth at the office…

Andy Rooney once said that “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” At ZN, we’re looking forward to going on that journey and enjoying all the adventures and surprises along the way.

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The great synthesizer: Jean Michel Jarre on artists’ rights

Nobody could accuse Jean Michel Jarre of being a luddite. After all the pioneer of electronic music, widely regarded as the father of trance, owes his career to technological advances.For more on Jean Michel Jarre and copyright law, find the five cunningly hidden tags above.However, when he took over from Robin Gibb as president of[…]

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Increasing organizational efficiency at work

The 21st century is marked by the so-called enterprise social networks that help employees to engage, connect, share, and collaborate with their coworkers in a productive, timely, exciting, and efficient way. We are still on the early stages of these collaborative tools but they are already transforming the nature of our work. “An enterprise social[…]

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ZeN session – Think Big!

A few weeks ago the ZN team gathered for two beautifully sunny days at a cottage in the east of Belgium for our annual ZeN session.With the right balance between work and fun, we participated in team-building exercises, discussed ZN challenges and opportunities ahead; and celebrate another successful year of growth. In one seminar we[…]

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The undeniable power of partnerships and trust

In trying to distill the essentials of what makes a successful project/campaign/partnership, I feel that good practice might include some reflection on the degree to which a piece of work can be said to be a true measure of collaboration and exchange… between the client and the agency, that is. A collaboration that fosters a[…]

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Food Glorious Food: Ending Waste and Bridging Two Worlds

Our client, FoodDrinkEurope – the umbrella organization for the European food and drink industry – recently put its stake in the ground to play its part in the eradication of food waste with their “Every Crumb Counts” Joint Declaration campaign.We were on hand to help get this very important message out there by creating this[…]

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Simple speed storytelling @ Solvay

The Solvay Communication Convention took place in Brussels a few weeks ago. And as a gathering for its communications professionals from across the globe, Solvay wanted to incorporate more workshops into their 2-day gathering.ZN was happy to be invited to conduct a workshop on storytelling. Hover over the image to find out how the session[…]

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On hyperlearning, Massive Online Open Courses & the power of collaboration

Following my recent lecture on hyperacting at Solvay Brussels School, I was invited back by professor Antonio Nieto Rodríguez, to talk about hyperlearning, one of the dimensions of HyperThinking.At this moment in my life, hyperlearning is proving to be especially fascinating to me; it is no exaggeration to say that day by day I am[…]

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