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Winning the Shorty Awards: Dengue won’t be a neglected disease for long

This morning I had woken up to fantastic news – ZN won the Shorty Industry Award for Best Use of Social Media for Healthcare with our work on Break Dengue.Held every year, the Shortys is like the Oscars of social media – it honors the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders who are behind the[…]

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Successful social media competitions in 5

Running a social media competition can be an extremely efficient way to increase your fan base, engage your audience, generate traffic to your website, and excite your followers.Over the past few years, we’ve been experimenting with different types of contests for different clients. Every time we’ve learned something new. So what are the keys to[…]

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Martini: The 19th Century brand goes interactive for its 150th Anniversary

Have you ever tried to get into an exclusive nightclub on a cold evening, only to hear the bouncer say if your name’s not on the list, then you’re not getting in?A lot of brand owners try to put forward an air of exclusivity around their assets to keep the interest of existing and potential[…]

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