Why you should start publishing articles on LinkedIn

To build your credibility on LinkedIn, publishing articles is a great idea. LinkedIn has its own publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse, which makes it extremely easy. By publishing articles you build your credibility and showcase your professional expertise to your network.

Tips to make it work for you:

  1. Write about the areas you know best
  2. Keep it focused, don’t cover too many subjects in the same post
  3. Types of titles that work best on LinkedIn:
    1. How-to post: How to write articles on LinkedIn?
    2. List posts: 10 ways social media can help your organization
    3. Question posts: Why write articles on LinkedIn?
  4. Add visuals or a video. Including many pictures makes your article much more appealing. Don’t forget the banner picture at the top.
  5. Most LinkedIn business professionals are active on Thursday, followed by Sunday. Those days are therefore excellent days for you to publish your article.


The more articles your publish the more valuable and credible a resource you become.

Good luck!

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