How to #livestream on #socialmedia

  1. Use a stabilizer to hold the phone (we use the OSMO DJI)
  2. Keep it casual but do prepare your content
  3. Build relationships
  4. Show behind-the-scenes
  5. Decide where you will record it and who will be part of it
  6. Create a test group
  7. Be wary of backlight
  8. Good WIFI!
  9. Announce the session on your channels and cross promote
  10. Always respond to comments
  11. On Facebook, you can split screens and call in others, which is a super cool feature to use
  12. Don’t be salesy, be likeable
  13. Analyze results and improve
  14. Be predictable. Do it when you have something interesting to tell but also do it at a set time so your audience can start counting on it.


Watch ZN #FridayLive around 2pm each Friday on Facebook and Twitter for the latest digital news!


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