Fake news, tweets and healthcare

In 2018, fake news and disinformation are the norm. Twitter is the new press release. NGOs are the new establishment. And now businesses need to mount the digital barricades to reach their audiences. This is easier for some than others.

However, matched with our understanding and skills for creating and disseminating content online through social channels is ZN’s track record in managing digital communications on a number of difficult topics.

Alongside agriculture and food & drinks, one area in which we have been particularly involved is pharma and healthcare. Extensive experience in this field has given ZN a solid grasp of the pharma and healthcare landscape, including its legal and structural challenges.

We have worked for over a decade of work on some of the most challenging healthcare digital campaigns. With our award-winning Break Dengue campaign, we encouraged the world to pay attention to this virulent mosquito-borne disease. And not just show it a red card, but join the fight to halt its spread.

Fighting #FakeNews

With Vaccines Today, we set about tackling the declining rate of vaccinations in Europe. This much-needed platform gives visibility to vital information about immunization, focusing on patient stories and news about community programs. Related social media activities reach out to the groups most at risk and a yearly communication challenge, Looking for Vaccine Champions, brings extra engagement with the public and medical practitioners.

We are also bringing our deep knowledge and first-hand understanding of the needs of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and how they should approach the web to offer social media training workshops and follow-up support to vaccine KOLs and doctors.

Responding to the urgent need to shift how public health institutions approach global influenza prevention, we collaborated with the World Medical Association and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations on setting up and running the Influenza Hub, another award-winning campaign. It helps people learn about flu prevention and provides targeted information to high risk groups. The first campaign is successfully increasing awareness among the 60+ group that the flu can be much more than a cold for them by using videos and cartoons and focusing on engagement through Facebook – where the target audience can be found.

Training doctors

ZN’s digital research and approach to developing a communication strategy has helped several large companies such as MSD with challenges at a country or global level. We start by mapping the digital landscape around your business to find the influencers you need on your side and the stakeholders you need to target.

Dr. Snezana N. Medic

Based on the research, we build an engagement strategy to reach out to the right people on the right channels, use design thinking to develop a narrative and key creative concept and then pull together the tools you need for your digital hub: from a landing page, through your presence on social media channels to an editorial dashboard to plan and keep track of your outreach.

Dr. Daniel Eorsi

Meanwhile, our training doesn’t stop at workshops for your team and KOLs, but extends to template design, editorial follow-up and technical advice. This means you can harness all the energy on your organization in helping us push out your message.

Changing perception

We prepare your digital assets, activate your events on social media and manage your advertising – carefully targeting audiences and times. We measure your impact through monitoring to make sure you are maximizing your engagement.

Pharma and healthcare are often misunderstood, and we are all about changing perceptions. We understand you are looking after people’s wellbeing. The least we can do is offer you a #DigitalAdvantage!

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