European elections: Digital is the way to go

There’s more to elections than parties, candidates and voting. Elections are when issues come to the fore. And when your issues are being debated, you want to be at the table.

Organizations need to take a moment to think about what they could achieve in the run up to the next European elections. Could the elections be an opportunity to come out with a stronger message? Are there any parties or candidates pushing your topics? Does anyone need your support defending their corner?


Whatever part you decide to play, one thing is certain: you’ll want to be involved in the pre-election discussions on social media. It’s going to be an intense period, so maybe you should optimize your digital channels to make sure your voice is heard? Do they need shaking up? More visuals? Are they engaging the audience? Are you on the right channels? Let us analyse how you are perceived and help you brand your way to better relationships.


Twitter is by far the preferred channel of choice for the bubble. In ComRes/Burson-Marsteller’s 2018 ‘What Influences the Influencers’ EU Media Survey, Twitter rose 12 percentage points over 2017 to rank among the top five EU news sources overall. And it is now second only to Politico and the Financial Times in being “very influential” among MEPs, EU officials and opinion-formers in Brussels.


Of course, if you want to get your messages across effectively, you also need people who really know how to build your presence and interact with others on social media. You can outsource this work to us, but it’s a great help to have an engaged team and/or members who are on board with your approach.

A good way to train your team is by taking advantage of ZN’s tailor-made social media workshops. We can look at crisis management, storytelling, event engagement, review participants’ own social media profiles, and assess the different social media, ad management and the latest engagement techniques.


Meanwhile, we can get down to work mapping your digital landscape and identifying the influencers who count the most in your area online. This will enable you to be fully part of the conversation, with the right hashtags and engage with those who really matter to you on the right subjects.

We’ll find ways for you to make a major impact by sharing your thoughts with creatively designed images, videos, and infographics and powerful slogans. On crucial topics, we’ll develop a thoroughly thought through campaign, which can also leverage offline activities alongside your online presence.


Finally, we’ll measure results. A great thing about social media is that everything is measurable. Another is that nothing is set in stone. We can measure and we can optimize. We can do more of what works well and adapt what doesn’t meet expectations.

You don’t have to wait until going into a polling booth next year to make your voice heard: you can vote for #DigitalAdvantage right now!

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