Drinks & 16 tips @ ZN on 3 December

How on earth can you really use digital to your advantage? People always talk about having a strategy, integrating communications, developing insights, and having killer campaigns. But what does that actually look like?

To help you get the digital ball rolling in your own organization, we’ll be hosting a series of monthly networking events starting on 3 December. Our informal events will feature free-flowing drinks, discussions, and of course speakers who know what it means to be digital (and beyond) in this day and age.

Join us for our first event 16 tips to get digital in 2016 at the ZN office at 4:30PM on Thursday, 3 December.

3 speakers. 16 tips each. 3 talks under 16 minutes.


Expect a mix of insights from Jennifer Baker (a seasoned EU tech policy reporter and the face of EU’s week on social media), Simon McDermott (Founder of New Media Cloud and online reputation expert), and Philip Weiss (ZN Founder and Chief Hyperthinker).

Send an email to philip.w@znconsulting.com so we can save a spot for you!

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