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What you don’t know about the power of networks

There’s a reason why humans don’t thrive in isolation. We are social beings and we seem to fare better with others and in groups. While there’s nothing new about networks and how it helps us in our day-to-day interactions – from work to recreation – what has changed is the way we can create, build,[…]

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Crucial things I learned as a blogger for an online initiative

Seven countries, six months, and a number of planes, trains, and automobiles (or whatever passes for a vehicle), that was my life as a blogger/collaborator of an online initiative called Break Dengue.Break Dengue is an online platform that aims to connect patients, doctors, researchers, and all people involved in the dengue issue – striving to[…]

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A day in the life of a digital reporter

Get up, have breakfast, tweet. Brush teeth, tweet, coffee, tweet. By the time I get to my desk in the morning, I’ve usually scanned through my emails, checked Twitter twice, scoured the news and approved a few blog comments. (This morning I asked one of the kids if they have “brushed their tweet” – maybe[…]

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Explore The Territory & The Map @ TEDxBrussels with us!

There seems to be absolutely no shortage of guides, manuals, and maps to help businesses identify their mission, navigate in a known territory, and reach their final goal. But even when you put all that theory into practice in the real world, the digital territory can be tricky to navigate. And that’s where acting smartly[…]

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ZeN session: growing a smart and healthy company

In a smooth and trustful tone of voice someone says: “So, how do you feel about this?” We’ve listened and repeated this question quite a few times during the past several days. Why? Because when we learn something, we want to apply it quickly… and asking someone how he/she feels fits perfectly with the coaching[…]

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Dealing with growth at the office…

Andy Rooney once said that “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” At ZN, we’re looking forward to going on that journey and enjoying all the adventures and surprises along the way.

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Can you outsmart the digital deluge? Dave Coplin thinks so

How exactly do you cope with the digital overload? On June 11, Microsoft UK’s Chief Envisioning Officer Dave Coplin talked about the influence and pitfalls of big data in our hyperconnected society and how humans need to cope more intelligently with the flourishing spread of technology and the growth of the app industry.“Our future lies[…]

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