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Snap out of it! Or how Instagram is winning the battle for the young

Earlier this week we learned that some of the world’s biggest influencers are turning away from Snapchat. One out of every two influencers have stopped using Snapchat and just 1% feel Snapchat will be the most important social medium in the next 10 years. This switch can be explained mostly by influencers not feeling that[…]

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Traveling the digital way

When was the last time you booked a flight at a ticket counter? Surely a long time ago, and most millennials never have. Digital has changed most of our habits, and none more so than when it comes to travelling.[…]

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Drinks & 16 tips @ ZN on 3 December

How on earth can you really use digital to your advantage? People always talk about having a strategy, integrating communications, developing insights, and having killer campaigns. But what does that actually look like?To help you get the digital ball rolling in your own organization, we’ll be hosting a series of monthly networking events starting on[…]

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Advergames: The controversy of being effective

Associating play to children’s drawers filled with LEGO and action figures can be accurate, but also limited. Play has expanded its definition to permeate office spaces, HR interviews, university classrooms, and even advertising. Gamification can be applied to our daily routine, turning mundane tasks into games. It can also turn a company message into an[…]

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Jaw dropping storytelling

I don’t like stories. I absolutely adore, love, live for, desire, go mad for, cherish, and yearn for them. So when I come across really amazing ways people tell ‘em, I can’t help but dive into the world they’ve created.I’ve selected a few of my favorites and implore you to look at them. Mouse over[…]

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Mobile marketing: the new frontier?

If you were an aging toothpaste brand, what would you do to rejuvenate yourself, stimulate smiles, and get on the customers’ good side? Of course there are billboards, or online ads, but Zhongua, a 60-year-old Chinese toothpaste brand, turned to the mobile phone – and more specifically, the selfie. The images for the “one hundred[…]

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Crucial things I learned as a blogger for an online initiative

Seven countries, six months, and a number of planes, trains, and automobiles (or whatever passes for a vehicle), that was my life as a blogger/collaborator of an online initiative called Break Dengue.Break Dengue is an online platform that aims to connect patients, doctors, researchers, and all people involved in the dengue issue – striving to[…]

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