Brand your way to better relationships

Your brand is how you express yourself. It is how people see you for what you are. Whether you are creating an identity, revamping your website, or running an offline campaign, you need to understand the personality, power, and perception of your brand. It needs to be consistent across your activities and channels.

We can help you crystallize your identity and bring it to life, turning your brand into an authentic and meaningful experience for your audiences. We never neglect offline branding,  but we focus on online – the speed at which the digital world turns means we need to make your brand solid and resilient.

We start with exercises to define your brand elements, essence and brand personality, looking at what is currently working and what you need help with.

And then we give you a flower.

Core value

The circle of petals brings together the internal and external aspects of your identity and we distil the heart of your brand as a core value, the promise you offer, your strategy for excellence in your area of competence.

We then review your key messages to take into consideration the mission, objectives and aims as well as the communication channels and target audiences. And while we are putting your brand into words, we start work on your visual identity. We use ideation techniques to help you find the right solutions and keep everyone on board.

From this basis, we develop your logos and key positioning statements, using Design Thinking methodology to make sure we stay close to what you need and what your audience wants.

Finally, we make sure, with templates for digital and analogue assets (from PPT templates, social media banners and profile images to posters and business cards), that your new brand identity will stay strong and vibrant wherever and whenever it is on display.

One of our recent re-branding exercises involved EPRA, the European Public Real Estate Association. We were really happy with what we achieved for them. And you can check out how they felt about it here.

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