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Digital masterclass

About ZN Digital Masterclass

ZN Digital Masterclass is a series of courses for professionals who wish to expand their digital skills and develop insights on how to create, implement and measure everything from an effective online strategy to robust campaigns. The program is taught by a team of experienced practitioners who will help you make the most of today’s digital environment.

Taught by experienced digital practitioners

We have built the Digital Masterclass program in a modular format so that you can decide which blocks/courses best suit you. Each course contains an element of theory alongside practical exercises that we will analyze and discuss together.

Being a group session, you will not only benefit from the expertise of ZN but also the ideas, challenges and experiences of other professionals attending the session.

ZN Digital Masterclass program

Before deciding which modules best suit you, we ask all participants to join ZN’s founder Phil Weiss for an Introduction to the Digital Age.

Once you have successfully completed the introduction module, you select other courses from the ZN Digital Masterclass below that best suit your personal needs.

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