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The digital advantage
You have a story. But is it reaching your audiences? ZN can help you increase your reach by activating the right digital channels.
An award winning digital agency, we create your strategy, write your narrative, create shareable assets and boost your impact.

Digital storytelling

Your unique story is the fundamental strength of your signal. We turn the narrative up to 11 with creative that makes your message resonate and gets more people on your wavelength.

Tell your story

Digital campaigning

Your objectives are clear. We package them for broadcast across multiple channels. We reach your targets by extending the range of your campaign with repeaters: ambassadors, influencers and media.

Reach your targets

Digital event activation

Your event is happening. Are people fully tuned in? We break down the walls to give everyone access and improve reception for those attending as their experience echoes across the digital landscape.

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How ZN gave TEDxBrussels a digital buzz

TEDx Brussels

On March 14th, the annual TEDxBrussels gathering brought fans of social media, entertainment and technology together for a day of great speeches by international experts and visionaries. The 2016 edition plunged its audience into a “DeeperFuture” theme. Unlike past events, this TEDxBrussels was held at the Brussels Event Brewery, but, just like in previous years, was sold out months before the due date to more than 1,500 TEDx aficionados.

ZN has involved with TEDxBrussels since 2009 and helped create the international event it has now become. We supported TEDxBrussels with social media coverage and innovative ideas and digital concepts like “TEDxify Your Office”. This initiative gave offices and universities the opportunity to follow the livestream video of the event, allowing them to replicate the TEDxBrussels experience in their work place. Our social media coverage gave the event excellent online exposure and made it trending on Twitter, reaching 43k people worldwide.

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Do you want to boost your digital impact?

Digital deeply changes our world. It challenges the very fabric of human interaction and by consequence the very fabric of organizations. Disrupting traditional thinking, digital is continuously opening new marketing opportunities for those who are the most responsive to change.Watching from the sidelines or simply going with the trend will leave you lagging behind. Fully adapting to the environment, on the other hand, will offer an abundance of advantages.

We are a Brussels-based communication agency that guides organizations to adapt. We equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to compete and keep innovating. And as the process of adapting is constant, we ceaselessly challenge ourselves to ensure that our practical wisdom and experience will continue to guide you along your journey.

We help you put digital at the heart of your ideas, projects, organization… delivering a clear competitive advantage so that you and your organization not only survive, but thrive.

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