How Dior & Louis Vuitton are rocking Instagram Stories

Just as the name describes, Instagram Stories is all about recounting your activities, sharing photos and video about your daily developments or interesting events taking place in your company or your personal life. Instagram Stories also gives you the choice to target the particular audience you want to reach.[…]

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#EUinfluencer: Top 40 characters and 100 wannabes

Last month, hopes of a gravy-stained appearance were riding high at the event, but in vain. @Berlaymonster (4) never showed, though he (only his gender is not a secret) did offer up a Tweetise on the “fetid shallow pond of EU Twitter” from his “own particular algae-ridden crevice of the pool.” However, the ghosts of unbridled Europhilia past and present were very evidently there in the shape of Capt. (ret’d) Europe (16), a baseball cap[…]

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How Pinterest can help when Facebook is making you sick

Colourful leaves, crisp air, and pumpkin pie – fall has officially arrived! Every year it is the same story: Instagramers worship the autumn-craze, Pinterest gets swamped with fall-pins, such as stew-recipes or cozy sweater knitting patterns, and the Huffington Post publishes tips to overcome the autumn blues.Many suffer from #AutumnBlues or even winter depression. As the days get shorter and the temperature outside drops, a lot of us just stay home, in front of their[…]

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