How Pinterest can help when Facebook is making you sick

Colourful leaves, crisp air, and pumpkin pie – fall has officially arrived! Every year it is the same story: Instagramers worship the autumn-craze, Pinterest gets swamped with fall-pins, such as stew-recipes or cozy sweater knitting patterns, and the Huffington Post publishes tips to overcome the autumn blues.Many suffer from #AutumnBlues or even winter depression. As the days get shorter and the temperature outside drops, a lot of us just stay home, in front of their[…]

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Staying #OneStepAhead of the flu on social media

Influenza is a serious disease. Not for everyone, but for the most vulnerable fringe of the population, namely infants, elderly people, pregnant women and people with certain chronic medical conditions. Even if benign in most cases, influenza does put those populations at risk and severely affects 3 to 5 million people worldwide every year. Sadly, severe reactions to the virus lead to between 250.000 and 500.000 death annually (World Health Organization)1.Thankfully, such disastrous consequences can[…]

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#EUinfluencers and digital advocacy

Political campaigns have radically changed with the rise of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Looking at the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections or that of the leave campaign for the EU referendum in the UK, it’s obvious that social media has profoundly changed the ways influencers operate and what being an influencer really means. But what are the consequences of this phenomenon in the EU sphere?A multitude of EU[…]

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The true power of storytelling

In a time of much debate, we’ve reached at least one consensus: the most compelling and engaging marketing is done through storytelling[…]

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